Have you ever wondered, what’s the best way to make your brand stand out? Let me answer the question with one word, “Logo”.

Logos are the most important part of any brand. If you want people to remember and know your brand, then the best way to do so is to have a good logo. The importance of having a good logo is exponentially important. A bad logo will only harm your reputation.

Let’s imagine a scenario, where you are walking around the mall and see a fast food restaurant with the roof of a hut on the logo. You know it’s Pizza Hut. I mean, who wouldn’t know it? We all love Pizza Hut’s pizza, right?

Logos have a huge impact on your brand. People are prone to remember the logo more than the brand name. Just with a good logo, you can easily picture what kind of brand you are and gain instant popularity.

Let’s see some logos below:

Can’t you already tell the names of these brands? You didn’t have to think that hard, did you? That’s the whole idea behind a good logo. They tend to be the best at what they are and people love and buy their products.

In case you don’t know which is which, the names of these brands, in the picture above are Starbucks, Google, and Twitter.

You can’t really expect to have a bad logo, and gain the people’s hearts now, can you? You should always consider the importance of having a good logo. So, let’s see what a good logo can do for you.


1. Great First Impressions Always Come With A Great Logo

Making a lasting first impression is a must in the business world. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or an old dog, wanting to come back with a boom. A logo has to be a big part of your company’s branding.

Moreover, it needs to deliver the overall message. If a logo fails to do accomplish this, you’re kind of in hot water! No logo is typically ugly, but if it conflicts with what you are offering, it’s a huge failure.

Let me give you an example. A company named, The Detail Doctor, should probably be more detailed in their logo.

You can see in their logo that the sketch of the car doesn’t really have any details at all. So, if they are trying to point out that they are very detail oriented about their Auto Detailing Business, this logo surely doesn’t express that.


2. Attracting New Consumers

We live in a world where people are more prone to interesting and eye-catching designs. A good logo with a different design will always stand out, no matter what. It will definitely bring awareness to packages and make the customers curious.

Let’s take the logo of a production house named Giant Owl as an example.

The logo has two giant owl-like eyes that go perfectly with the company’s name. The eyes also look like digital tape spools which illustrates exactly what they are dealing with. You can easily understand it right after you see it.

So, you can clearly see that the importance of having a good logo is huge.


3. Stand Out From The Crowd

Unless you are selling a completely new product, there will always be competition in the marketplace. It’s better to have a logo that’s completely different from them, yet relays your brand successfully.

The logos of Domino’s Pizza and Pizza Hut are completely different. They are both popular brands of pizza, however people have no problem distinguishing them from one another.


4. Keep Consumers Loyal

Brand loyalty is a huge plus, and a logo can definitely get you there. From time to time, many companies do change their logo. It’s better to have  similarities in them. As your customers tend to become attached to the brand’s logo, they feel a bit betrayed if you change it entirely.

San Diego Zoo’s logo is the perfect example of this. They changed the logo but maintained similarities with the old one. You should definitely go for a good logo, but should also have similarities with the previous one.


5. Can be Placed Anywhere

If you have a good logo then everything you associate with it gets tied to your brand. A good logo will definitely bring out your message wherever you put it. It’s a huge marketing skill. As an example, Nike has established their brand in the marketplace.

Their consumers are crazy over anything associated with their logo. The importance of having a good logo is beyond words. If you want your brand to stand out, you should definitely consider these 5 pointers.