it’s important to have a good website in the digital age

We live in the digital world now, where people are online 24/7. Every little business farm has their own website now. From the big names of the Wall Street to the small coffee shops around the corner, everybody owns a website.

Having a website is not a big deal, but having a good website can certainly benefit you more than you think. A normal website just won’t cut it. No matter what, it’s important to have a good website. According to statistics, almost 83% of consumers visit the brand’s website before buying any goods.

As far as consumers go, they tend to get attracted to unique websites more than the standard ones.

So, you definitely need to step up your game, especially with all the competition in the market. You don’t want to fall behind now, do you?

Think of your website as your ultimate salesman. You wouldn’t want a bad salesman to represent your company now, would you? That’s why your website needs to be on point, to be able to deliver exactly what you want.

That’s why it’s important to have a good website.

Why It’s Important To Have A Good Website?

Curious about the perks of a good website? Let’s see some important reasons why a good website is needed to get your brand up.

1. First Impression is the Last Impression

We are in a world where many people Google a product before they buy it or share their thoughts on Facebook. So, one bad move here and you’re out. A negative comment will only make your business fall apart.

Well, I’m not telling you to be pitch-perfect, there will always be some people that you can’t please. But you have to make sure that, the first impression will always be positive.

Not too difficult I think, start from your website. A good website is always worth the money. A bad website would only make the consumers dismiss you.

worse website of all times

The website of “Yale University School of Art” is the perfect example of a bad website. Well, everything is wrong with this one. From the background image to the horrible font choices, everything makes you cringe.


2. Credibility is a Must

A good website will always make your brand look credible. Since now most of the people use internet on daily basis, a good website is the best way to let them know about your brand.

A good website is a sign of confidence and trust. This also affects the consumers. So, this would make your business look serious and people would trust you in a jiffy.

Make sure your website is well designed, informative and of course updated on regular basis. This adds credibility to your brand. A company named “Feed” has the perfect example of this type of website.

it’s important to have a good website like feed


3. Getting Your Rank Up

Imagine a scenario, where people searched for popular clothing brands and yours were nowhere on the first page. On the other hand, your competitors are ruling the top positions. Why do you think that happened?

It’s easy, your website isn’t as good as theirs. That’s why it’s important to have a good website that would always get your rank up. People would want to visit it more and more, increasing traffic.

A good website will get your rank up


4. Be A International Superstar

Want to serve consumers around the globe? What’s the best way then to have a good website that all the people around the world can visit?

A good website also means being available all the time. So, that people can come to your website and buy products anytime, making you the international superstar.


5. Money Maker

Wouldn’t it be great to have constant money flowing into your bank 24/7? No, it’s not a dream, you can easily make it a reality. Having a good website will bring you more traffic and make your business go up.

Making money is why it’s important to have a good website

Your website should be your sales machine, always up and running and always making you money.

These reasons are why it’s important to have a good website. To summarize all of it, the importance of having a good website is tremendous. It’s an important tool if you want to shine in the business world, don’t ever forget that.